As the Sony v. Tenenbaum trial begins, it's worth noting that not everything the record industry whines and complains about has the negative impact they claim it does. Some record labels have been demanding that their promotional videos and user created videos containing their songs be taken down from YouTube. However, when indie band Barcelona (wikipedia) discovered that the Kuroshio Sea video uploaded to YouTube used their song Please Don't Go as the soundtrack they didn't freak out and demand the track be removed the video. Why? Because exposure from the video has resulted in an increase in sales of their music on iTunes and fans attending their concerts.

see Barcelona's video response

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SkySails is taking an interesting approach to improving fuel consumption on freighters. Using wind power.




There are a limited number of paths a rock band can follow. This handy chart illustrates these possibilities. If you are in a band or care deeply about one, take note.


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Previously I posted about some art work that isn't so touchy feely. Simone Decker also creates art that one might not wish to touch.




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Where are the robots? The long-standing, futuristic vision of robots still hasn't arrived. I tend to be skeptical about the possibilities they might provide. However, for specific, limited tasks I think they can be very effective. Researchers are doing some intriguing work in robot development, particularly with mobility. Here are a number of talks and videos on recent robotic research in robot mobility. Some of the things researchers have been able to accomplish are quite fascinating. I found the Big Dog and Gecko robots particularly interesting.

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DJ Morgoth has created a great mashup of Nirana's Smells Like Teen Spirit and Rick Astley's Never Gonna Give You Up and Thriftshop XL has created this fantastic video for the song.

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DJ Earworm has created some interesting mashups. Be sure to check out his United State of Pop 2008 mashup.

One of the earliest examples of the mashup genre, The Freelance Hellraiser's A Stroke of Genie-us (a mashup of The Strokes' Hard To Explain and Christina Aguilera's Genie In A Bottle), still remains one of my favorites.


The Moon Landing and the celebration of its 40th anniversary isn't terribly interesting to me. However, if you can add a little music to the mix, then maybe you'll get my attention. David Bowie's (wikipedia) Space Oddity is also 40 years old and he is marking the occasion by releasing a 40th Anniversary EP. The EP includes 8 stem tracks allowing people to remix the song. He has also released in iPhone app version of the EP.

Space Oddity - 40th Anniversary EP

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I would have included the video of the song in this post but apparently EMI doesn't think that allowing people to embed their promotional material is a good idea.

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It was the second of two days off on the Tour de France (wikipedia) today. The Tour is full of all sorts of colourful characters, including some of the fans. Dieter "Didi" Senft (wikipedia) is one of those characters. After years of seeing Didi and his painted tridents on TV, it was great fun to see and drive over his tridents in Hamilton, Ontario after he and the world's best cyclists visited the city for the 2003 World Championships.

Here is El Diablo at the 2008 Tour de France.

Some folks put a lot of time, effort and creativity into making some great sand sculptures.




My nieces and nephews may not be at the same level...


Girl Talk's Feed The Animals (wikipedia) was one of my favorite albums of 2008. This video for Play Your Part (Pt. 1), the first track of the album, is a mashup of videos for the songs Girl Talk sampled to create the song.