Gever Tulley runs a Tinkering School for kids, providing them with an opportunity to learn to take things apart, built things and use power tools. It's a place where kids can do some of the dangerous things he thinks you should let your kids do.

In a previous post, I discussed parodies created using a short segment from the movie Downfall (Der Untergang). With the death of Michael Jackson comes this new Downfall remix.

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Chris Isaak's (wikipedia) Wicked Game is a great song (with an even greater video). The Lucky Bucks' cover of Wicked Game is fantastic as well. I'm new to this band and was intrigued to see their approach to drums and bass.

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Wataru Itou put quite a bit of work (over four years) into this paper project.



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Jowi Taylor conceived of the concept for this fantastic guitar. Built by master luthier George Rizsanyi, the guitar was constructed from 64 pieces, collected by Taylor, representing various aspects of Canadian history and culture. The guitar has toured the country and been played by well-known musicians and regular people alike.


photo credit LexnGer

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The CBC (wikipedia) has published this online interactive map showing who owns what media outlets in Canada.



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Two Iranians living in Shanghai have created a short graphic novel telling the story of the protests that followed the election in Iran.



click persepolis to read and/or download the graphic novel.

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Josh Freese (wikipedia) recently released his second solo album titled Since 1972. Borrowing from what Trent Reznor has done with recent Nine Inch Nails album releases and adding a bit of humor, Josh created a number of album packages (see the various options here). He isn't expecting to sell the high-priced packages. However, that didn't stop him from creating this ad for the $10,000 package which includes a 1993 Volvo 940.

sigur rós (eighteen seconds before sunrise, wikipedia) marks the 10th anniversary of the release of their ágætis byrjun album this month. While ágætis byrjun was not their first album, it was their first important album in their evolution as a band.

nýja lagið from on Vimeo.

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An animatronic Luxo Jr. debuted at Pixar Place at Disney's Hollywood studios. The motion capabilities are pretty good. Overall, I found the performance underwhelming. However, they do a great job when they have him hanging his head and sighing.

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