Here's a great cover of The Magnetic Fields' (wikipedia) All My Little Words performed by Tom hexachordal Milsom. He performed this song using a Gameboy with LittleSoundDJ (LSDF wiki, wikipedia) software.

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While hanging out in a pizzeria late last night, Brad of the band Merchanise mentioned to Andrew Dubber that there was no budget for a second video to support an upcoming album. So Andrew suggested they make a video then and there using his digital camera (it has video capability). This is the result.

Find out more at Andrew Dubber's blog.

Kevin Kelly (wikipedia) was curious about how people viewed the internet and their place in it, so he started the Internet Mapping Project. On June 1, 2009 he released the initial results (which can be seen below). Several days later Mara Vanina Oses, Professor of Media at the University of Buenos Aires, posted a preliminary review (pdf) of the data.

This is a subject previously tackled at xkcd



be sure to check out Kevin Kelly's Cool Tools.

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Here is a great mashup of the Magnum PI theme and Star Wars. I love how technology and the internet has allowed all sorts of interesting creativity.

Here is a side by side comparison of the original Magnum, PI open with the Han Solo, PI open.

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Here is my list of the Top 3 music videos of all time

3. Hurra Torpedo, Total Eclipse of the Heart

Probably not what Jim Steinman had in mind when he wrote this song. But, for my money, Hurra Torpedo (wikipedia) gives us the best musical performance and video of a Jim Steinman song ever.

2. Chris Isaak, Wicked Game

Great Song + Pretty Girl = Perfect Video

1. Johnny Cash, Hurt

Johnny Cash (wikipedia) has done some great covers over the years, perhaps most notable is the work he did towards the end of his life with Rick Rubin. Cash's fantastic cover of Trent Reznor's (wikipedia) Hurt along with Mark Romanek's (wikipedia) brilliant imagery make this the greatest music video of all time.

Read about the making of the video - Johnny Cash's 'Hurt' Delves Into Life Of Former Hell-Raiser: VMA Lens Recap

Hurt video with commentary by Trent Reznor.

Apparently local television stations in Canada are on the verge of disappearing, or so they would have us believe based on their propaganda (if you are interested in finding out about the other side of the discussion you can read the contrary propaganda).

To be honest, I haven't spent any time looking into this issue. Perhaps I should, but advances in technology are game changing and media of all types are in a period of chaos while new business models are being developed. And as a result, I am generally wary of businesses claiming that something "isn't fair."

But what if local television stations did disappear? So what? We are told that local television is beneficial. Perhaps it is, but even if local television does disappear, local news and shows won't. Just as journalism is distinct from Newspapers, so it is with local television.

A HighDefinition camcorder or two, a TriCaster and an internet connection is all you need to get in the game. There will alway be people dedicated to bringing us the local news in a visual format and technology is making easier for more people to participate. Local news whether it's visual, audio or print, isn't going anywhere.

In my earlier Deception, Misdirection and Natalie Imbruglia post I discussed my interest in how the mind is easily deceived and controlled. This year I've become intrigued by the research of Dan Ariely (wikipedia). It turns out humans are predictably irrational, baring little resemblance to the rational beings standard economists like to think we are. His book Predictably Irrational is a great read.

Here is an entertaining speech Ariely gave in Dec 2008.

see also
Dan Ariely - On Our Buggy Moral Code
Dan Ariely - [email protected]

It was inspired by this advertisement.

Here's a great stop motion video by Tomas Mankovsky called Sorry I'm Late.

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Brad Templeton, the chairman of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, created the following parody in response to the takedown notices the studio has ordered on some of the numerous parodies there are of this particular scene from the movie Downfall (Der Untergang).

For more information on the making of this parody and some of the issues surrounding 'fair use' see EFF: When Fair Use Is Fairly Difficult and Brad's Ideas: Hitler Tries a DMCA Takedown.

Canadian copyright law does now allow for parody in its fair dealing provisions.

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