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Christoph Rehage spent a year walking thru China. Here is a time lapse video showing pictures and video he took of himself through out the year.

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Some imaginative people have created some pictures that bring album covers to life.




See more at Protinuss - Bringing Album Covers to Life

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Yet another great Downfall remix.

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Looking for a light-weight, folding, electric bike? The YikeBike might be just what you are looking for. Its design is intriguing.





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Researchers at Kansas State University have mapped the seven deadly sins using per capita stats on things such as violent crimes (Wrath) and STDs (Lust). Find out more at Wired - American Vice: Mapping the 7 Deadly Sins.

Greed - average income compared to number of people below poverty line

Wrath - number of violent crimes

Lust - number of STDs

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Bookcases are functional but generally boring pieces of furniture. These bookcases add some creativity to the mix.





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This is cool! The score of Beethoven's 5th symphony animated using the Music Animation Machine MIDI player.

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Technology is making possible also sorts of interesting devices, including this new musical instrument.

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Here's Jim the Realtor (YouTube channel) again with another video showing the insanity that was the real estate boom.

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How needs expensive high tech audio gear, when you can build your own with some paper and a marker?

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Jason Polan is attempting to draw every person in New York. Here are a few of several hundred drawings he has done so far.

357. People at Mets game 8-1-2009.jpg

381. Elliott Gould! 8-21-2009.jpg

394. Man playing guitar on 3rd Avenue 9-7-2009.jpg

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After seeing a newspaper picture of birds perched on wires, Jarbas Agnelli decided to make a song based on the position of the birds. He made this video of the results.

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While Kanye West's interruption of Taylor Swift's (wikipedia) acceptance speech was rude and indefensible, it did provide some remix fodder.

Kanye West - VMA REMIX (Tronovitch Remix)

Hitler Reacts to Kanye West

Kanye West Interrupts Obama - 2009 VMA's Remix

You Don't Belong on MTV (parody ) Kanye West Taylor Swift VMA

Very Tasteful : "Kanye's Swift Apology"

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DJ Steve Porter (wikipedia, YouTube channel) has released another great remix video featuring Jay-Z, Beyoncé, Rihanna, Kanye West, Drake, & Lil Wayne.

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We all have regrets. Sometimes our mistakes have devastating consequences.

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While not always admired by the general public, graffiti artists can do some amazing work. Here are some examples of the art done by some of the best graffiti artists.


Lady Pink (wikipedia)

Tracy 168



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Not everyone is happy with the hair (or lack thereof) and some go to great lengths to keep you from seeing what is or isn't there. You will never these guys without some sort of head covering.

3. T-Bone Wolk
T-Bone Wolk (wikipedia) is the long time bass player for Hall and Oates, former member of the Saturday Night Live Band and musical director and guitarist for Live From Daryl's House.



2. Little Steven
Little Steven (wikipedia) is a guitarist in Bruce Springsteen's E Street Band, solo artist, radio host and actor. Little Steven wore a toupee for his role as Silvio in The Sopranos.



1. The Edge
The Edge is the guitarist in U2.



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Michale Kimball writes people's life story on a postcard. After asking questions about the subject's life, Kimball writes a condensed version of his or her's life story on the back of a postcard and mails it to the person.

#214 Jenny-Anne Dexter.jpeg.jpg

Bowles postcard.jpg

Madeleine Brand postcard.jpeg

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Here is the Rock-afire Explosion's sweet performance of Usher's (wikipedia) Love In This Club.

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This life-size model of a Ferrari F1 car was built by Puma employees using Ferrari branded Puma apparel and accessories.



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Olli Erkkilla built this great forkless bicycle as a graduation project at the Institute of Design in Lahti, Finland.



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Musician Dan Bull (twitter) isn't a fan of Lily Allen's (hypocritical) stance on infringing file-sharing and responded with this open letter.

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This amazing animation was a collaboration by blu and David Ellis.

hat tip Matt Mason

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Nathan Sawaya created this Lego cello. Be sure to watch the video for a glimpse into the build process.




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Burning Man (wikipedia) is an annual event held in the Black Rock Desert. Executive director Larry Harvey discusses 5 things cities can learn from Burning Man.